A community garden was started in October 2014.  This Garden will helps us provide Kone primary school students with fresh, healthy meals. This garden is also essential to the community with rising food costs across Eastern Africa due to widespread drought.  Unlike other parts of Maasai land, Olng’arua is blessed with regular rainy seasons that will allow the community to practice subsistence farming. Maasai are nomadic people, who are not familiar with farming methods.  Therefore, this garden will be used as a training tool for both the students of Kone primary school and the community at large.  Teaching this community good farming methods will help all families adequately feed themselves, which in turn will lessen the burden for women who would otherwise have to look for food elsewhere.


Kone Primary School desperately needs renovations. The iron sheets used for roofing have rusted. Additionally, the school’s windows and door are in poor condition. Therefore, during rainy seasons the students get wet. In addition, students’ desks have rusted, posing a health hazard for the students. These classes are not safe for the students attending the school and the poor conditions have caused many of the students to stop attending school. Keep Girls Safe Foundation is seeking to raise money to improve the quality of this school’s infrastructure to reverse these dropout trends.